Virtual Events

Make your next event virtual with ease

The future is here! All of our event services can also be provided for online/virtual events! Allow us to handle all of the event logistics, contracts, speakers, and attendee needs so you can focus on your priorities from the comfort of your home or office. Using a virtual meeting platform, we can provide the same engaging events that will wow attendees with a memorable experience and lasting impact.

desk with virtual event on laptop

CLEE Events can provide:
  • Management of logistics, contracts, speakers, and attendees for a wide-range of event formats including trainings, tours, panel discussions, and presentations
  • Assistance with selecting an affordable virtual platform to best meet the needs of your presenters, attendees, and sponsors
  • Ongoing communication with attendees to ensure a smooth transition to a virtual event format and to keep topics relevant post-event
  • Sponsor recruitment and creation of custom packages that will allow mutually beneficial engagement between sponsors and attendees
  • Assistance with event marketing, including social media marketing
  • Design support and management of the event schedule
  • Presentation support to ensure creative content that will keep attendees engaged
  • Assistance with recording of presentations or live virtual sessions for later dissemination
  • Source and implement supports for those with ADA compliance requests
  • Attendance tracking, event credit management, feedback survey design, and data analysis

Visit our services tab for more information about how we can customize your event and tailor our services to meet your needs.

Virtual Event Case STudy

2020 Institute for CTE Educators virtual event

The Institute for CTE Educators is hosted by the Tennessee Department of Education specifically for career and technical education teachers and leaders from across the state. Institute is designed to engage attendees in professional development and training through sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities so they can prepare students to meet the demands of the postsecondary path of their choosing. The University of Tennessee’s Center for Literacy, Education & Employment (UTK-CLEE) has supported this event since 2017.

In the spring of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic removed the opportunity to host face to face events, the UTK-CLEE Event Team was asked to help redesign the Institute for CTE Educators so it could be presented completely virtually. Using a virtual conference platform and blending live and recorded elements, Institute was able to provide attendees with a variety of sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitor interactions.

The 2020 Virtual Institute for CTE Educators saw a 72% increase in registration, a 74% increase in attendance, and an 84% decrease in expenses. 95% of the attendees who completed the post-event survey were satisfied or very satisfied with the 2020 Institute platform, structure and agenda, communications, and exhibitor directory. Many attendees preferred the virtual format and said they would be interested in attending a fully virtual Institute in the future.

institute for CTE Educators 2020 Virtual Event
institute for CTE Educators 2020 Virtual Event

Virtual Event Testimonials

"I think this was one of the best and easiest events that I have attended. Great job!”

2020 Institute for CTE Educators attendee

“For a virtual experience, this was fantastic. It is evident that much planning and support went into making such a flawless event.”

2020 Institute for CTE Educators attendee

“Again, I really enjoyed the virtual CTE Institute and will definitely participate during the 2021-2022 if it provided through virtual sessions like this year.”

2020 Institute for CTE Educators attendee

“It was extremely well organized, and I actually prefer the digital format which I didn’t think would be the case.”

2020 Institute for CTE Educators attendee